How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause signals a serious change in your hormones and in your life. While you may be tempted to brush its changes away citing the fact that all women go through it eventually, you can change your physical and emotional feelings about it by acknowledging its presence and seeking clear, specific help for menopause from qualified professionals. The symptoms of menopause for you may be mild, moderate or severe. No matter how you feel that you are handling these changes, we can help you feel better about this part of your life.

A Note About Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are the most common place to start on the path towards better wellness and more even emotions during menopause. These changes can be easy to implement and seamless to fit into everyday life. Plus, they typically come with few to no side effects.

For example, your diet plays a huge role in menopause symptoms. A diet full of empty calories from carbohydrates, rich in saturated fats and high in processed sugar can leave you feeling depleted and can amp up your feelings of depression or moodiness. Some people try to eat a well-balanced diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, and avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible.

Your exercise and sleep patterns are also very important to the way you feel during menopause. Therefore, it is important to institute good habits. Of course, during a consultation, we can tell you more about how to institute lifestyle changes; however, in many cases, professional treatment is required to really get to the root of the menopause symptoms.

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When lifestyle changes alone do not provide enough relief from your symptoms, we can prescribe treatments that can help you feel more like yourself. These treatments aim to reduce some of your most irritating symptoms, such as moodiness, depression, poor concentration, hot flashes and insomnia.

No matter how you are feeling during menopause, our team at Orange Blossom Women’s Group can help you feel more like yourself and eliminate your most upsetting symptoms. Contact us today to book a consultation in Trinity, FL and learn more.

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