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Vaginal and C-Section Births


Orange Blossom Women’s Group in Trinity, FL is committed to providing top quality women’s healthcare. Pregnancy presents you with unique and personal health concerns. We take every one of those concerns seriously and ensure that you receive the best care possible before, during and after delivery. Vaginal and cesarean-section (c-section) births are each unique and life-changing experiences. Call us to learn more about the expertise of our physician and how that expertise ensures the health of you and your baby no matter what kind of delivery you have.

When Would a C-Section Be Necessary?

Two out of three deliveries are vaginal deliveries, but there are situations in which a c-section may be preferable. A c-section delivery is a surgical procedure in which the baby is removed directly from the woman’s abdomen. It’s the preferred method in the presence of conditions that may compromise the health of the mother or child. The decision to have a c-section may be made in a variety of situations.

Medical conditions: If a woman has a medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure that puts her in a high-risk category, a c-section may be the better option. Other medical conditions like infection or issues with the placenta may also be reasons to consider a c-section delivery instead of a vaginal one.

Unique situations: A woman who knows she will deliver two or more babies often schedules a c-section. She may also opt out of vaginal delivery if her baby is large and her pelvis is small or if the baby is poorly positioned for vaginal delivery.

Emergency situations: There are times that a woman plans to do a vaginal delivery but the baby is delivered via c-section instead. This is often because an unforeseen issue that poses a threat to the mother, baby or both arises.

Previous pregnancies: A woman may choose to have a c-section if a previous vaginal delivery included complications.

Will a Vaginal Birth or C-Section Be Right for Me?

Whether you give birth vaginally or via c-section will depend on your personal situation and our doctor’s recommendations. Anesthesia that’s used during a c-section may leave you a bit woozy immediately following delivery, but recovery is generally quick and without complication. Your hospital stay will likely be a bit longer with a c-section than with vaginal delivery in order to provide post-surgery care.

Whichever option is chosen, the experts at Orange Blossom Women’s Group will make sure that you are fully informed and have a voice in the decision. The health of you and your baby is a our priority, and we will be with you throughout your pregnancy to provide the best care possible and to put your mind at ease about any concerns you have. Contact our office in Trinity, FL to schedule your first appointment and discuss your specific needs and concerns.

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