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Routine Gynecological Exam


A routine gynecological exam is something that most women dread but is an important part of maintaining overall health and identifying any problems before they become serious or life-threatening. In most cases, you should have a routine gynecological exam every year from the age of 21, or from the onset of sexual activity.

The Gynecological Exam Procedure

When you schedule an appointment with Orange Blossom Women’s Group in Trinity, our specialist will do our best to put you at ease before the exam start. You will be given a gown and privacy to undress and change before the exam begins. Our specialist will ask you questions about your sexual history and if you’ve noticed any unusual symptoms. They may ask about your menstrual cycle and if you’ve noticed any changes or irregularities.

They will then physically examine your breasts and genitals. The breast exam is used to identify any abnormal lumps or irregularities in the breast tissue that can indicate the presence or onset of breast cancer. The second physical test is the pelvic exam, which is where you lie on the examination table. Our specialist will first examine the vulva and internal organs for any abnormalities that may indicate cancer of these organs. The specialist will also take a sample of your cervical mucus to send away for a Pap smear, which is used to screen for cervical cancer.

After the physical examination, our specialist will give you a final opportunity to discuss any issues that you might have. Overall, the visit should take between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your individual situation and needs.

How to Prepare

There are some things that you can do before the exam to ensure that you are prepared and that the experience goes as smoothly as possible:

Prepare a list of concerns, questions, and irregularities that you’ve noticed. Our specialist will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns, and knowing about any irregularities, such as a change in discharge, new odors or pains can be useful in identifying any new issues.

Schedule an appointment between menstrual periods, as menstrual fluid can interfere with test results.

Avoid intercourse 24 hours prior to the visit, as it may irritate the vaginal membrane and interfere with the Pap smear test results.

Scheduling your Routine Gynecological Exam

At Orange Blossom Women’s Group in Trinity, we would love to have you over for your routine gynecological checkup. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment and we’ll guide you along your journey to great reproductive health.

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