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High Risk Pregnancy Specialist

Orange Blossom Women's Group

Board Certified OB-GYNS, Midwives & Advanced Nurse Practitioners located in New Port Richey, FL & Land O' Lakes, FL

If you have a chronic disease, like kidney disease or a blood disorder, that can put your pregnancy at risk, Reut Bardach, MD, and the team at Orange Blossom Women’s Group can help. At the office in Trinity, Florida, the skilled medical staff provides customized high-risk pregnancy services to prevent premature labor and other possible complications. If you need specialized care for a high-risk pregnancy, schedule a consultation online or call Orange Blossom Women’s Group today.

High Risk Pregnancy Q & A

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy describes any pregnancy where underlying medical conditions can pose a risk to the mother or unborn baby.

The team at Orange Blossom Women’s Group offers comprehensive, specialized care to monitor a high-risk pregnancy and any potential complications that can develop in you or your baby. They focus on your unique needs throughout your pregnancy and work closely with you as you near your expected delivery date.

What conditions can cause a high-risk pregnancy?

Your provider at Orange Blossom Women’s Group may consider your pregnancy high risk because of your age. Expectant mothers who are under 17 or over 35 may require special attention and medical monitoring throughout their pregnancies.

Other factors that may result in a high-risk pregnancy include:

  • Obesity
  • Mental health issues
  • Multiples (twins, triplets)
  • Previous pregnancy complications

Underlying chronic medical conditions, like blood disorders, kidney disease, and high blood pressure, can also indicate a high-risk pregnancy. The Orange Blossom Women’s Group providers also have experience addressing risk factors if you have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Your pregnancy may also be high risk if you smoke or use alcohol or illegal drugs.

What can I expect during a high-risk pregnancy?

The team at Orange Blossom Women’s Group reviews your medical background and existing health to customize a high-risk pregnancy care plan. You can expect to schedule routine prenatal appointments with your provider. In some cases, you may need evaluations more frequently than you might with a routine pregnancy.

During your appointment, your physician tracks and monitors important information about your health and your baby’s health. They may take blood samples to evaluate your blood sugar levels or other parameters and perform on-site ultrasounds to assess your baby’s growth and development.

The team also provides comprehensive resources to ensure you’re eating healthy. They can recommend gentle exercises to keep you physically active without causing complications.

Your provider also works with you on a labor-and-delivery plan and strategies to help prevent premature labor and ensure a safe birth.

If you’re expecting a child, rely on the compassionate care available at Orange Blossom Women’s Group. You can schedule a prenatal consultation online or by calling the office today.