Proudly Offering Cervical Cancer Screenings

Cervical cancer is sneaky. By the time a woman experiences any type of symptoms, the disease has progressed to a life-threatening stage, spreading to other parts of the body. However, there is a high cure rate when it is detected early. As a preventive and precautionary measure, cervical cancer screenings are recommended for women to detect the presence of cancer cells at an early stage. The screening is simple and can help a woman to take charge of her health, giving her peace of mind.

When Should You Have Cervical Cancer Screenings?

At the age of 18, it is recommended that you begin annual visits to a gynecologist. If you are sexually active before that age, your visits should begin sooner. However, a cervical cancer screening, otherwise known as a pap smear, is not typically recommended until the age of 21. You should continue to have these screenings every three years through the age of 29. After this point, plan on a pap smear every five years until you are 65. You will no longer need cervical cancer screenings at that point. If you have had a full hysterectomy, these screenings are not necessary. If you are at high risk of developing cervical cancer, our gynecologist may recommend that you have screenings more often.

What Happens During a Cervical Cancer Screening?

Your pap smear will be taken care of during your regular visit with our gynecologist. A medical tool called a speculum will be used to remove cells from your cervix. These cells are then sent to the lab to be tested. It really is a simple procedure that takes a matter of minutes.

Make an Appointment for Your Cervical Cancer Screening Today

The last thing you should do is put off or avoid cervical cancer screenings. This screening should be a part of your action plan as you make your well-being a top priority. Contact us today at Orange Blossom Women’s Group to set up a consultation at our office located in Trinity, FL.

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